Apple is probably the biggest and most recognised tech companies in the world. It releases new and  innovative products every year but like most companies it started small and had a few problems along the way.

Here are some interesting and astonishing facts that you may never had known about Apple:

  1. The company was founded on April Fool’s day in 1976 by three CEO’s, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak
  2. While the company was new and needed investments, Steve Wozniak sold his Intel Calculator and Steve Jobs sold his Ford car to raise equity
  3. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs previously worked together at Atari before starting Apple
  4. When Ronald Wayne left the company he sold his shares for only 800 Dollars
  5. The company is now worth billions of dollars. It can easily gobble up the market capital of Disney, Anheuser – Busch, Intel, and Ford combined
  6. Apple has enough cash reserves to send each US citizen a check for $350
  7. If Apple were to report a GDP among countries, it would be ranked the 52nd country to have the highest GDP rate
  8. The original Apple depicts the moment an apple fell on Newton’s head
  9. The first computer Apple produced by the name of Lisa was a failure and around 11,000 pieces were disposed of, each with a retail value of 10,000 Dollars
  10. Despite launching the first mainstream laptop Apple only has 10%  share of the global laptop sales
  11. It is also the first company to have introduced a mouse and a track pad for computers
  12. The company also produced a line of printers but when Steve Jobs discontinued this product line when he rejoined the company in 1996
  13. Apple’s first tag line was, “byte into the Apple”
  14. 39% of the total revenue stream comes from the sales of iPhones for Apple every year
  15. Steve Jobs was a keen practitioner of Zen Buddhism which may have influenced the minimalist style of Apple products.

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