Previously if you wanted to add in app purchasing to your iPhone apps you only really had one option which was to go through Apple and share a large chunk of your revenues with them but not anymore. Paypal have just released a new  iOS SDK that allows users to checkout within the app itself rather than being redirected to their website.

This is the first major competitor that has successfully immersed itself within Apple’s ecosystem opening up more options for developers.  As well as allowing in-app payments, the new PayPal iOS SDK also uses PayPal’s technology to allow users to pay by simply taking a picture of their  card.  This strips out all the tedious and unnecessary user input usually  required and should see an increase in purchases.

PayPal explains a little more about why the have develop their new PayPal iOS SDK and how they see it befitting developers.

“ Everyone knows that mobile is changing the way consumers shop and pay, and no one more than developers who must have a mobile presence to compete in today’s environment. We’re launching a mobile PayPal iOS SDK so that developers can deliver great experiences for their customers by reducing friction when it comes to payments.

Customers never leave the developer’s app experience to pay and they have more choice in the way they want to pay – simply click a PayPal button or scan a credit card using our technology. We’re making it available for iOS developers first, but we’ll expand to other platforms soon.”

PayPal plans on rolling out  additional features and enhancements for their iOS SDK  with an API been release later in the  year.